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Bring this ancient art to your future event!


The future is in your hands.

Palmistry is the science of studying hands for their shape, texture, palm lines, finger formation and nails. The Palmist will be able to study your

guest’s hands and get a clear picture of their future and reveal their findings in a way that befits a fun, upbeat party atmosphere.


The History of Palm Reading.

Palmistry originated in the ancient East approximately 5000 years ago before it spread across Europe in the 14th century.  Historical figures

such as Aristotle, Alexander the Great and Hippocrates found insights in Palm Reading.


Mark is a Tarot Card Reader as well.  You have the option of Tarot Card Reading, Palm Reading or both!


Fortune Telling entertainment is great for any event including birthdays, corporate, holiday, schools, family, graduation, cruises, weddings, anniversaries or Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.