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"Mark your tarot readings were fun for us all.  Thanks and we will be calling again to be sure!"

Angela and Pete R., Bellflower, CA


"We wanted to thank you for doing a good job entertaining our guests.  Thanks again!!"

Corinna and Joe S., Pasadena, CA


"Everyone at my Dad's retirement party enjoyed your tarot readings.  Thanks for entertaining us!  I will keep you in mind for the future."

Marla D, Monterey Park, CA


"Your readings were great fun.  Having you entertain at my birthday was a treat!  Thanks!"

Susanna M., Santa Monica, CA


"My family had a great time with your tarot readings! Thanks again."

Julia L, Palm Springs, CA


"The women at my party really enjoyed your readings.  You made the party a hit!"

Carla M., Palm Desert, CA


"My daughter's friends enjoyed your tarot card and palm readings.  Thanks for making Marla's Sweet 16 a good time!"

Mary R.,  Corona, CA


"We appreciated your showing up at the last minute to cover for the reader who canceled.  You were a life saver for the party!"

Anne R., Hemet


"Thanks again for your entertaining readings.  We will call you again"

Jerri L., Temecula


“The students loved your tarot readings!  See you again next year.”

Anne W., Carlsbad High School, Carlsbad, CA


"The owner's really appreciated how kind you were with their pets and how insightful your tarot readings were!"

Maryanne R., Pet Haven, El Cajon, CA


"Thanks for all your help making our party the best!  Larry's tarot reading helped make the party."

Bobbie Q., Irvine, CA


"We certainly had a good time.  Thanks for sending Cindi to do the palm readings."

Carla L., Santa Monica, CA


“You're very gifted with your fortune telling!”

Janelle S., Ross Stores., Los Angeles, CA


"Sophia and Rose made our night with their interesting palm readings!"

Maybelle-Ann C., La Jolla, CA


“Thank you so much Mark!  Your tarot readers were the hit of our company party!”

Margaret G., B., Self Magazine, Orange County, CA


“I hope all those great things you predicted in your palm reading come true!”

Thomas R., Riverside, CA


"I will be looking forward to our next event and having your tarot readings!"

Augusta L., San Diego, CA


"The tarot readings were great entertainment.  All my guests really enjoyed themselves.  Thanks, again"

Lorraine Ann R., Santa Barbara, CA


"The carnival was a great success.  The students had a lot of fun.  You were right, Susanne did a great job for us reading cards."

Caryn L, San Bernardino, CA


"Thanks for all the great tarot readings and the fun!"

Marsha S., Oceanside, CA


"Thanks so much!  We all enjoyed your fun readings at my birthday party.  See you next year"

Carol W., Riverside, CA


"Great time! We wanted to thank you!"

Holly L., Orange County, CA


"Our annual event was so much fun!  Your palm readings were a hit with all my family and guests.  Thanks, again"

Louise May T., Orange County, CA